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3 Simple & Easy Breakfast Ideas

3 Simple & Easy Breakfast Ideas

As a firm believer in starting my day with a good breakfast, I'm often asked what I dine on for my first meal I have a few go-tos for breakfast, depending on how much time I have in the morning & what I'm in the mood for. I always pair whatever I'm having for breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee - typically black, but sometimes with a splash of creamer.

No matter if you're on the go in the morning or having a leisurely meal before starting your day, here are a 3 recipes that you can pull together in less than 10 minutes!

1) Avocado Toast

I know that "they" say that avocado toast is the culprit keeping Millennials from being homeowners - not only can I guarantee you that is absolutely not the the case, even if it was I wouldn't be mad. Avocado toast (really avocados in general) is a gift from the gods & also a healthy and filling option for breakfast.My typical avocado toast dish consists of:- One whole wheat English muffin, toasted- One avocado- 1 tsp. olive oil- Salt & pepper, to tasteCombine all of these ingredients (minus the English muffin) into a bowl, mash until well combine & smother over the toasted English muffin. For some added flavor, I like to top with a few dollops of ricotta cheese and garnish with basil.


2) Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal is my most tried and true breakfast meal. You really can never go wrong with a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal - especially when you're on the go & don't have much time to prep a breakfast. My favorite instant oatmeal of the moment is Trader Joe's Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal. It's crunchy, a tad bit sweet, and very delicious. I usually mix one oatmeal packet with about 1/4 cup almond milk, microwave for 2 minutes, and you're good to go!


3) Breakfast Smoothie

While I'm no smoothie junkie, I do like to enjoy on here & there. Dr. Oz has a great breakfast smoothie recipe from the 3-Day Detox program that I really love. This smoothie is super easy to prep the night before and then throw into the blend before you head out the door in the morning.Ingredients needed are as follows:- 1 cup water- 1 tbsp. flax seeds- 1 cup raspberries- 1 banana- 1/4 cup spinach- 1 tbsp. almond butter- 2 tbsp. lemonI usually sub the raspberries for a frozen berry mix and the almond butter for peanut butter, then add a bit of honey for a little sweetness. This smoothie has typically kept me full until lunchtime, which is a feat all on it's own.


What's your favorite breakfast dish?



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