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Quick Morning Boost: Banana & Kale Smoothie

Happy Monday!Monday mornings are always a struggle, but don't let your morning haze allow you to skip out on breakfast! If you're in a time crunch but still want a healthy start to the day, then this smoothie recipe is the perfect quick fix. I make this a least once or twice a week for breakfast, or sometimes after my morning workout on the weekends. I stumbled across this simple recipe online, but made a few adjustments to make it my own! All you need are a few basic ingredients & a blender.Give this recipe a whirl & let me know how it goes...IMG_4279Ingredients:- 1 cup finely chopped kale- 1 medium banana- 1 cup organic almond milk- 1 spoonful of natural peanut butter- Pinch of cocoa powder, to taste- Pinch of nutmeg, to tastePrep time: 5 mins -- Blend time: 2 minsDirections:1. Chop kale (be sure to chop finely!) & banana, then add to blender - along with almond milk & peanut butter.IMG_4285IMG_42832. Blend kale, banana, and almond milk until smooth.IMG_42873. Add cocoa powder & nutmeg to taste - use sparingly, a little bit goes a long way with both spices.4. Enjoy!IMG_4290P.S. - After making your smoothie, fill half of the blender with a soapy water mix & blend to give your blender a quick clean!- XO

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